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The Importance of a Relationship with a Photographer and Celebrant

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Capturing romantic and special moments during your wedding day is every photographer’s goal. Throughout the wedding, they take photos of you and your partner, your family and friends, and try to tell the story of your wedding day through those beautiful photos. It may have never crossed your mind that your wedding celebrant has an important role too when it comes to producing these amazing wedding photos.

In Australia, authorized wedding celebrants are the only people under the law who can officially perform a marriage, apart from a judge. Aside from marrying couples, celebrants manage the flow of the whole ceremony and can also set the mood of the event. A good wedding celebrant knows how to lead couples in displaying their emotions, and possibly help in setting the perfect photo moments for the photographer.

Here are some reasons why the celebrant and the photographer must work well together during the ceremony of your wedding day.

Wedding photos need to tell a story

Before the wedding day, the celebrant meets the couple to plan the course of the ceremony. A good wedding celebrant will spend a lot of time getting to know the couple while forming ideas on how to personalize or how to base the ceremony on the couple's personalities. The celebrant would find out the couple's story then figure out the best way to highlight this in their ceremony. Wedding celebrants can also assist the couple when writing their vows and help them express what they want to say on their wedding day. If possible, the photographer can also have a pre-wedding meeting with the celebrant to have a clear view of the flow of the ceremony and discuss how they can make things run smoothly for both them and the couple.

A celebrant who officiates a personalized type of ceremony can showcase the couple’s story during the wedding ceremony which can lead to tears of joy expressed by both couple and guests― this will enhance the sentimental mood of the event. The photographer will now have the opportunity to capture those emotions and reflect the story in the images.

Guests participation

Guests play an essential part when capturing wedding photos. Photographers find it hard to get great photos when guests are either disengaged or are looking bored during the ceremony. The celebrant can help through finding ways to entertain and engage the guests during the ceremony and establish a cheerful vibe to keep them from getting bored or becoming disinterested.

Collaboration for a successful wedding event

Conflicts between the photographer and the celebrant during the wedding day usually arise because of poor collaboration and lack of understanding about each other's needs in order to perform well in their role.

The celebrant may not want any distractions when officiating the wedding ceremony. Camera noises or flashes and the constant moving of the photographer may cause discomfort for the celebrant and may affect the flow and mood of the wedding. Photographers should be mindful of these concerns and address them appropriately.

Photographers, on the other hand, would like to take photos during the important parts of the ceremony such as the exchanging of vows, exchange of wedding rings, the lighting of unity candles and most importantly, the first kiss of the newly married couple. It’s best if the celebrant acknowledges that wedding photos are paramount to the couple; that these are not only mere photos but special memories. The celebrant should also know when is the appropriate time to step away so that the photographer can capture those emotional and romantic scenes of the couple during the ceremony.

A good collaboration between the photographer and the celebrant can ensure the smooth flow of the ceremony as well as producing those amazing wedding photos. Recognizing each other's needs or requirements can help both the photographer and the celebrant to work well together. Couples can do their part by making sure that everyone, particularly wedding vendors, are aware of what each other’s roles are in the ceremony; if there are any restrictions on the part of the photographer or the celebrant, inform both parties ahead of time to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

A harmonious collaboration between couples, guests and wedding vendors prove to benefit all who are involved at the end of the day. After all, a wedding ceremony is a celebration of love and happiness; there should be no room for animosity on this precious day.

Looking beyond the wedding day, couples may also need a newborn photographer to capture the rest of the special moments that life has to offer. Images tell a powerful story, and serve as memorabilia for a lifetime.

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