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How to Plan a Wedding during a Pandemic

Updated: Jan 27

The pandemic that is sweeping the world at the moment is affecting every aspect of people's lives, not to mention those who are planning a wedding, or indeed re-planning one.

One of the first matters to be considered is the restrictions that have been put in place by the government which will affect the number of guests that can be invited. It is incumbent upon the bride and groom to avail themselves of all the relevant information especially regarding the number of guests, social distancing rules and hand sanitising measures.

Appropriate OHS planning has always been important as the safety of the bridal party and guests is paramount, however, it is more important than ever now that we are in the middle of a pandemic.

The information below is from the NSW Government Covid-19 website setting out the restrictions for weddings and venues for what you can and can't do:


The maximum number of people who may attend a wedding or a gathering following a wedding service cannot be greater than 150 people subject to the 4 square metre rule and registration as a COVID-Safe business.

People attending will be required to provide their name and contact details so that they can be used for contact tracing.


Maximum of 10 people per booking or per table.

Maximum of 10 people on a group entering or being on the premises.

Alcohol can only be consumed by seated customers.

Maximum of 300 people in the venue at any one time or one customer per 4 square metres, whichever is the lesser.

For venues that consist of separate areas, the maximum capacity is 300 people in the separate area at any one time or one customer per 4 square metres, whichever is the lesser.

To be a ‘separate area’, the area must:

be separate from other areas on the premises

if food and drink services are being provided in the area, have staff that are providing food and drink service only in that area

not allow persons gathering in different separate areas of the venue to mingle.

If you make a plan to include the restrictions, which will be a new way of living for all of us for quite some time, you will find your wedding day will run smoothly without any hidden additional expenses.

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