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Choosing your celebrant

Updated: Jan 27

Your choice of celebrant will set the tone of your wedding and most importantly it will be the key to ensuring your expectations are met on the day. Many people are unaware of the importance of the role of the celebrant in the making of a memorable wedding day.

Making a connection is the first step, are you on the same page? Then you dig a little deeper and ensure your celebrant can serve you accordingly.

Look out for these qualities

- They have to be able to articulate your relationship in the ceremony

- They need to be up to speed on the law, up to 200 weddings a year in Australia are not legal

- They need to have attention to detail in relation to the legal documents and regarding the personalisation of your ceremony

- They need to be personable to meet and greet your family and guests and making everyone feel welcomed and relaxed

Here are some questions to reflect upon that will assist you in making the right choice

- Do you envisage being married by a man or a woman, age range?

- What tone are you seeking - fun, relaxed, formal?

- When you interact with your celebrant do you feel understood and that they 'get' you?

- Will your celebrant write a personalised ceremony to reflect your relationship with your partners?

- Are both you and partner comfortable with the celebrant of choice?

- Do you want your guest to listen and enjoy your union? Weddings are expensive, ensure your guests enjoy the show.

Most celebrants offer obligation free meetings, take up the offer to meet 2 or 3, then make the decision based on your instincts.

A good celebrant will charge modestly. Keep in mind that to get married at the NSW registry is between $442 -$565 a fair price is between $700 - $1200 depending on the size of the wedding and equipment needed (elopements will likely be much cheaper). The average celebrant will spend between 15-24hours of their time for your wedding. From preparation to rehearsal to arriving early to welcome your guests to set the mood and of course conducting the wedding ceremony. Don't skimp on the important stuff that will truely make an impact.

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