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5 things you won't have thought about for your wedding day

Updated: Jan 27

Number one: Stop drinking 1hour before the ceremony is due to start. When getting married and the last thing you want is to wish the ceremony over because you need to pee.

Number two: If you're worried about crying, forget it. Crying makes such a good photography moment especially if your soon to be hubby wipes away your tears. Being your natural emotional self makes you camera ready!

Number three: Guys: Ensure you have a tissue on you to wipe away your brides tears, it is super romantic and a great photo moment.

Number Four: When placing the ring on each others fingers tilted the hand being ringed to the audience so they can see, and for another photo moment.

Number five: If your celebrant doesn't already have it, have a bottle of water, sewing kit, deodorant and spare copy of the vows to deal with any pre ceremony hiccups

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