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Tap a little contribution

For those who are concerned about their ability to finance the funeral of a loved one, Sydney Funerals Co. has recently launched the latest technology solution called “Tap A Little Contribution or TLC”.


This system is an innovative way of allowing contributions to be made to grieving families who are concerned about financing the funeral service for their loved one.  It is an affordable solution for those families who wish to give their loved one a suitable service without going into debt.


Friends, work colleagues and families can make a donation prior to the service with a unique link, via a terminal at the funeral service and the family can use the collective funds to assist with financing the cost of the funeral, the wake, expenses or even donate to a charity of their choice.  This concept has come from years of seeing flowers going to the waste bin and not really meaning anything to the family.  This would be a huge comfort for families who are worried about financing the funeral and a chance for friends and family to feel that they are making a real difference.


Studies have shown that 61% of Australians have concerns about the cost of funerals and TLC is a perfect solution to this dilemma.  It takes the stress away at a difficult time and lets the family focus on what is important.


If you are planning a funeral service and wish to find out more information, please visit www.sydneyfunerals.com or www.tapalittlecontribution.com.au for details.


As funeral celebrants, we are proud to be in association with Sydney Funerals Co. for their excellent service and compassion when dealing with grieving families.

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